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Restoring  Dignity in Arts  

Through Quality Creative Studies, one could

 Revive public esteem towards

Aesthetic Expression and Powerful Ideas;  

Reconfigure the Universal Language;

Reconnect human creativity within Generations. 

A programme organised by Kelab Jiwa Seni 9Lives Kuching 


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"No money, no talk" ?

We live in a world of consumerism.   

Everyone is a consumer; While the culture we have today is all about instant gratification,

Do you believe life should be this way?

What is life to you?

How is our livelihood affected by Art?

The truth is, we are consumed by the lack of art, Today, we choose our style from references of already existing arts.

As consumers, we are conditioned to seek out art. While we consume art, the children are learning to be consumed by art. 


Where is our power of creation?

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The importance of Art in families and societies is that many reasons.

When parents create art or show their children

how to create art, they are passing on their values and traditions.

Art can also help families come together and express themselves.

Art can also help children learn about themselves and others.


We live in a world where the arts are dying. Art is dying.

The problem is not having art. It is that art is dying.

As a result of the art dying we are no longer learning

how to create the art, learn art, express art, and learn about art.

What can art do for you every day?  

How can it make life better?

Before we show you what Art can do.


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Art is not just a matter of learning how to make and how to paint...


Art is a way of life, Art is a way to live. Art is the only way to tell the world  what is in our hearts.

Co-Founder & President of 9Lives


The world has become a very busy place,
there is too much information, too much technology,
too much pressure on our time.

But if you just look at the world around you and
allow inspiration to spark an idea
in your mind you now have a canvas.
If you make time to write/draw/scribble/to
transfer your ideas, feelings, hopes and dreams
on a piece of paper, you will find your inner artist.


 Workshop #1   YASMIN  

Digital DIY 
Pocket Studio 

 Workshop #2     DHIYA 


 Workshop #3    AMY    

Colour Alert
Cloud Canvas


First, we learn how expressing oneself can lead to different things.

It will help people understand the importance of art in our lives and societies. This session is going to explain why art in our homes and in our communities is important, and how art helps people bond, express themselves and develop important skills.

It is about exploring and learning about what we consider art.

The workshop is not a place where you will learn how to be a designer, or an artist, or a business man or woman, or a marketer, or you name it. The workshop is about learning to be a creative human being. It will be teaching you about art. 

The outcome is to guide  you to meet the artist that resides within and create Art everyday.

Art is the only way we have to express ourselves. Art is like a gift from God to help us with children in their self discovery. 

Art also helps parents feel that their children are growing up happily in a creative home, and gives a sense of pride in their upbringing.

For societies, art offers an opportunity for appreciation and expressions. It can also help young people develop important skills such as empathy, creativity, and communication.



Over the course of the 3 days that this project, it will help one see what you can do to actually become a better person. This project is not to help you become a better artist. It is to help you become a better you.

26.27 & 28 NOVEMBER 2021

10am - 1pm

Virtual Video Gallery

2pm - 4pm

Workshop session 1

Web Stream/ Haus Complex / WebStream

4:30pm - 6pm

Workshop session 2

Join. Do. Create. Repeat

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Bagus Samasama with 9Lives

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Join in the Fun

Location of Main Event:

HAUS², Lot 4766 & 4767, Jalan Kwong Lee Bank City Square, Pending Heights I, 64, Jalan Pending, KTLD, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak


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